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Pennsylvania Arabian Horse Association

Arabian Horse Association affiliated club

Award Programs - PAHA

High Point Awards  It's Back!!!

Receive PAHA awards for showing at sanctioned USEF and/or AHA and Open (non-recognized) Shows. Click the button below for all the details and forms!

2021 High Point Booklet

Both the Special Arabian and Ambassador Awards count on input from members who wish to nominate an outstanding individual (equine or human). If you know someone who should be recognized, please submit a nomination!

Special Arabian Award

Any PAHA member may submit and entry. One to two page Write-ups about an Arabian or Half Arabian horse that is outstanding in promoting the breed and/or has another remarkable story should be submitted by November 1st of each year to: Cricket Gates

2020 Special Arabian Award - Kings Ransom EE +/

Ambassador Award

Ambassador Awards are done on an annual basis and are open to all PAHA members to nominate a member who they feel demonstrates outstanding qualities in the promotion of the breed and in service to the organization. Submit nominations by November 1st of each year to: Cricket Gates

PAHA Ambassador Recipients

2020 - Sharon Noonan

2019 - Virginia Kelsall

2018 - Kriss Phelps

2017 - Joy Evans

2016 - Pat McQuisten

2013 - Irvette Timms

2010 - Judy Rutt

2009 - Kriss Phelps

2008 - Stephanie Dobiss

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